Spring Fest Speakers

Come learn from these amazing folks.

Our Speakers

Meet the speakers.

Doug and Stacy

Off Grid with Doug & Stacy

Dr. Leo Sharashkin

Natural Beekeeper

Curtis Stone

The Urban Farmer

Dr. Patrick Jones

HomeGrown Herbalist

Karson Rippstein

Redmond Agriculture

Zac Bauer

An American Homestead

Chris Peneul

A Simple Life with Chris and Tara

Tia Murphy

Homeschool Mom

Dorene Glenn

Kid Expert & Homeschool Mom

Jesse Murphy

Personal Safety Expert

Malerie Knop

Barefoot Microgreens

Connie Jacoby

Wise Women Botanicals

“Everything was wonderful and amazing! We loved seeing you two again and were blessed by our conversation with everyone we spoke with. Looking forward to next year! Buying our tickets asap!!!”

Anita Johnson

Imagine having a weekend to get a hands-on head start to be closer to living the simple life you have been dreaming of.

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