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Imagine having a weekend to get a hands-on head start to be closer to living the homesteading life you have been dreaming of.

Doug and Stacy will be Hosting the First Annual “Spring Festival” in Vandalia MO 2024

This event will be a great way to start of the year! We will have hands on demonstrations and some great lectures from folks that are doing the work with results! some topics on


  • Start a Garden / Maintain it all year / Harvest and Preservation Ideas
  • Start a Small Homestead Business for you and the Family
  • Raise Chickens / Sheep / Cows / Guinea / Ducks / Turkey / Rabbits / Pigs
  • Live without the “System” by creating your own
  • Live like an Agrarian and self sufficency
  • Lots of Q and A

We will also have a seed swap so bring some of your favorite seeds to swap and share

This will be great fun for the whole family! We have a lot of activiities for the children so they can learn, fellowship and release that energy =)

We are super excited for this event and hope to see you in Vandalia MO this spring

We are working with the local Mennonite and Amish community as well and hope to have some of them as presenters!

See yall soon!

Your friends,
Doug and Stacy

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Doug & Stacy

As Seen on Off Grid with Doug & Stacy.

Bringing Pioneer Life to the 21st Century.


Helped grow 90% of their own food, developed a system for rain water catchment to live 100% off rain water and developed a composting toilet system for permaculture and is an author and speaker.


Stacy has taken cooking from scratch to a whole new level as they raise a large portion of their food right on their own land. She ferments food from the garden for storage and health and is a holistic life coach, author, and speaker.

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