Zac Bauer

An American Homestead

Zac Bauer

An American Homestead

An American Homestead is an off grid homestead in the heart of the American Ozarks. They grow much of their food and raise animals like chickens and sheep. For over 10 years now they have produced educational and talking point videos that center on gardening, livestock, solar power, humanure, trapping, homeschooling, sustainable living and so much more. Zac on his channel also offers up political and social commentary about the world we find ourselves in and why preparedness when pushed to its logical conclusion, leads you to a homestead.

Topics Covered


Starting in Solar:

  • Starting small
  • Starting off grid
  • Advanced solar and brand names

Becoming A Producer:

  • Thinking outside societal norms
  • Ways to begin
  • How we became producers and what we produce

“Everything was wonderful and amazing! We loved seeing you two again and were blessed by our conversation with everyone we spoke with. Looking forward to next year! Buying our tickets asap!!!”

Anita Johnson

Imagine having a weekend to get a hands-on head start to be closer to living the simple life you have been dreaming of.

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