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Terry Durham

Pork Rhyne

Terry Durham

River Hills Harvest

Terry Durham started his farming career on a quarter-acre plot growing organic vegetables for stores and farmers market in 1978. He joined the organic farming movement in 1987, becoming active on the board of Ozark Organic Growers Association. He then co-founded Missouri Organic Association (recently renamed Mid-America Organic Association), holding the office of President several times.

Terry grew food for Missouri’s second CSA, which served 90 families from 1989 to 1995. Terry became active in the Elderberry Improvement Project as a donator of germplasm. His elderberry plantation was among the first to use the recommended culture methods for varieties developed from wild Missouri elderberry plants. He continues to work closely with the research team. Subsequently, he raised the largest elderberry acreage in the United States.

Terry spends a great deal of time recruiting growers and teaching them how to grow and harvest elderberries and how to prepare their crop for market. He has developed two unique products using a proprietary process under the River Hills Harvest label. He travels across the U.S. sharing the economic opportunities presented by elderberries and sharing his knowledge about growing, harvesting and selling their crop to farmers. At home, he gives farm tours, tastings and sponsors Elderberry Mentoring Workshops, as well as performing custom planting and management work.

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