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Ray Tyler

Pork Rhyne

Ray Tyler

Rose Creek Farms

Ray Tyler is a husband, father to 6 young children, a full-time learner, farmer, author, and educator. Before his farming career, Ray worked as a professional body man, high-end trim carpenter, and then as a welder gaining real-life experience working in the field. With no University degrees to boast of, Ray has leveraged his work ethic, ability to learn from mistakes. His passion and zeal for learning new things and never being satisfied with the status quo, often going in direct opposition to the advice of ‘’college-educated’’ experts in his quest to find practical solutions that work for the everyday grower has been one of his greatest assets. Since 2009 Ray has been growing food and has been creating growing systems that work for him on his farm and has been teaching those systems since 2011 to anyone who is willing to learn. Ray is most notably known for his unique innovation systems in growing vegetables on a small-scale farm in hot and humid climates making $450,000 a year on 1 acre. Along with his wife Ashley, he is the owner of Rose Creek Farms and Small Farms Big Change and is also one of the founding members of AgLaunch.

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