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Maureen Diaz

Pork Rhyne

Maureen Diaz

Traditional Foods Nutrition

Writer, speaker, creator, educator, and Real Food Foodie, Maureen Diaz has an extensive background in nutrition, small-scale sustainable agriculture, and the health benefits of traditional foods. As a loving wife and mother of 9 incredible human beings, she has spent most of her adult life searching for accurate nutrition information and natural healing modalities.

She has produced 3 DVD’s incorporating everything needed to get your family’s health back on track using traditional foods and methods, and is currently writing a book of recipes, formulas, and anecdotes of life on the farm raising a large family. Her latest endeavor is starting God's Good Table with her eldest daughter Erin in order to satisfy their lives' passion of sharing health, healing, and hope with the world - especially the Christian community.

She resides on a mountaintop in Virginia with her husband and several of their children where she continues to grow, cook, and nourish everyone who lands at her table.

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