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Jeremy Chambers

Pork Rhyne

Jeremy Chambers

Independence Acres Homestead

Jeremy Chambers and his family live on 5 acres in rural southeastern Michigan, which they lovingly call Independence Acres.

Their homestead journey began in 2010 when they rescued a 1910 farmhouse and the property from foreclosure. Jeremy spends his time updating the house, helping his wife homeschool their three boys, exploring ways that will allow them to live a more independent lifestyle, and working on their YouTube channel.  While his full-time job has him working in the automotive industry, his passion is in woodworking, gardening, and managing the animals on the homestead.  

In the eleven years on the property, they have put in a large garden, built a greenhouse, and acquired a small flock of various chicken breeds. The Chambers obtained their first Californian rabbits in 2015 and have since worked to bring awareness to Cuniculture, the practice of raising rabbits for meat, pelts, and other by-products.  They have since added American Chinchilla rabbits to the homestead to get a little splash of color in the bunny barn.  The family’s goal is to make their homestead a teaching hobby farm, to pass on the skills and knowledge they have learned.

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