Join us at the 1st Annual Women’s Retreat


Stacy and other professionals in their field will be discussing health and wellness for women.

Women's Retreat Starts in...








Imagine having a weekend to get a hands-on head start to be closer to living the homesteading life you have been dreaming of.

Folks Are Talkin’

Your Hosts

Doug & Stacy

As Seen on Off Grid with Doug & Stacy.

Bringing Pioneer Life to the 21st Century.


Helped grow 90% of their own food, developed a system for rain water catchment to live 100% off rain water and developed a composting toilet system for permaculture and is an author and speaker.


Stacy has taken cooking from scratch to a whole new level as they raise a large portion of their food right on their own land. She ferments food from the garden for storage and health and is a holistic life coach, author, and speaker.

The Speakers

Learn from these amazing folks.

Connie Jacoby

Wise Women Botanicals

Malerie Knop

Barefoot Microgreens


Off Grid with Doug and Stacy

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The amazing folks supporting us.

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