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Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone is a farmer, author and entrepreneur. His farm, Green City Acres is located in Kelowna, BC, Canada and was established in 2010. Growing and marketing year-round, the farm generates over $100,000 per year on just a quarter of an acre. His bestselling book, The Urban Farmer demonstrates organic intensive techniques with a focus on business and systems to streamline labor and production.


Through his YouTube channel, public talks around the world and online courses, Curtis offers a new way to think about farming. One where quality of life and profitability coexist.

Dr. Leo Sharashkin

Dr Leo Sharashkin is editor of "Keeping Bees With a Smile", a comprehensive book on natural beekeeping, and regular contributor to Mother Earth News, Acres USA, American Bee Journal, and major other publications. He homesteads in the Ozarks of Southern Missouri, where he catches wild honeybee swarms and keeps bees in easy-to-build horizontal hives. Dr Leo holds a degree in Forestry from the University of Missouri and teaches natural beekeeping at his apiary and around the world. His website (including free hive plans and advice): www.HorizontalHive.com


Mike Dickson

Known as The Fit Farmer, Mike is a former professional all-natural (drug-free) bodybuilder turned farmer.

His pursuit of living a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle led him to begin growing food around his family’s home in the city. Mike states that the best way to know that you are providing your family the best food possible is to grow it yourself. As his family grew, so did his desire to grow more healthful and nutritious food for his family. 

After being hindered by city ordinances that restricted him from being more self-sufficient, the Dicksons decided to leave the city. In 2013, Mike and his wife sold most of their possessions, purchased a Yurt and moved out to the country.  Mike, along with his wife and children, created Big Pond Farm. 

On their farm they specialize in growing high volume annual vegetables for restaurants, direct to consumers, CSAs, and small grocers in the area. Mike is a student of Urban Farmer Curtis Stone. 

Follow Mike and his family’s adventures on the farm on YouTube on their Big Pond Farm YouTube channel.

Flower Toomey Phd

Natural and Botanical Medicine

Flower has been a community herbalist, medicine woman and healer in Vermont for over 25 years. She was brought up with Native American influence and has used her teachings of plant spirit and herbal medicine as a foundation of her education in natural and botanical medicine. She holds a PhD in holistic health and botanical medicine.  Flower has lived as a homesteader and offgrider for over 25 years in the mountains of northern Vermont. She teaches classes and workshops on offgrid living, wild foraging, herbal healing, plant spirit medicine, self sufficiency and nutritional health balance .

Flower currently lives off the grid in an old 1800’s farmhouse and practices sustainable living and homesteading within a holistic environment . She is the owner of Mother Nature’s Mountain, a small batch herbal and natural skin care line. She is an advocate for endangered plants, heirloom seed protection, mother earth connection and living life in peace and harmony with the healing plants of the natural World.

Terry Durham

Terry Durham started his farming career on a quarter-acre plot growing organic vegetables for stores and farmers market in 1978. He joined the organic farming movement in 1987, becoming active on the board of Ozark Organic Growers Association. He then co-founded Missouri Organic Association (recently renamed Mid-America Organic Association), holding the office of President several times.

Terry grew food for Missouri’s second CSA, which served 90 families from 1989 to 1995. Terry became active in the Elderberry Improvement Project as a donator of germplasm. His elderberry plantation was among the first to use the recommended culture methods for varieties developed from wild Missouri elderberry plants. He continues to work closely with the research team. Subsequently, he raised the largest elderberry acreage in the United States.

Terry spends a great deal of time recruiting growers and teaching them how to grow and harvest elderberries and how to prepare their crop for market. He has developed two unique products using a proprietary process under the River Hills Harvest label. He travels across the U.S. sharing the economic opportunities presented by elderberries and sharing his knowledge about growing, harvesting and selling their crop to farmers. At home, he gives farm tours, tastings and sponsors Elderberry Mentoring Workshops, as well as performing custom planting and management work.


Dr. David Henderson

As a physiologist with a PhD from Temple University, Dr. Henderson is fascinated with the study of nutrition and the human body. He has created cardiac rehab programs, conducted testing for the Federal Drug Administration, researched body fat determination, worked in manufacturing and led programs of statistical quality control.

Since 1976 he has farmed in Northeast Missouri with experience raising livestock: hogs, chickens, goats, beef cattle and milking cows. He is no stranger to building ponds, tilling the earth, and raising a modest garden.

From the board room to the humble earth, Dr. Henderson prefers the coyote's distant melody and the star-studded canopy of a summer night as they fit perfectly into the outline of optimal health with patterns of thought, behavior and nutrition.


Doug and Stacy

Doug and Stacy were city folks who decided the pace of life was just too fast. They sold their businesses and large house in the suburbs and moved to the country. Now you may think they had a bunch of experience with this lifestyle but truth be told, they had none. Doug actually built a log cabin from wood from the forest in 90 days with no experience. Stacy has taken cooking from scratch to a whole new level as they raise a large portion of their food right on their own land. Together they decided to live with no solar power or wind turbines and even rely 100% on rain catchment for their water needs.

By reducing their carbon foot print and learning to be more self-sufficient, they feel that the quality of life has never been better.

You can follow their journey on social media like YOU TUBE, Facebook, Instagram and others. They are also published writers in publications and have appeared on podcasts for gardening and minimalist tiny house living. They share their adventures and hope to encourage others to eat healthy and become more self-sufficient.

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